Placing your friend or family members picture on your mini unit the entire time she or he is in surgery/labor and recovering will work.  You may also want to write down in your notebook the person’s name and for how long you’d like them to be watched over and be sent healing energy by the Seraphim Angel Healing Team.

If your friend doesn’t know you are doing this and hasn’t consented this is okay, just keep in mind the Seraphim Angel Healing Team will only be able to bring healing through if on a soul level that person has agreed.  When in doubt it is always better to ask for more light and healing energy be sent to any friend or family member you are concerned about and their soul will either say yes or no to the added healing light.  At the very least you will receive additional healing light being brought in for you while doing this.

By placing your friend’s picture on your Archangel Crystal Light Mini Unit, you bring healing to them and you, releasing the burden of them having to go it alone.