Yes, it is advised your friend or family give their conscious consent.

The Seraphim Angel Healing Team respects all soul decisions and rights.

If you need help with a certain friend or family member and you’d like the Seraphim Angel Healing Team to help your relationship with them get easier for you, placing their picture on your lights will help you and them in a number of ways.

  • Archangel Michael will remove lower level interferences that may be affecting you negatively through them and cut those cordings for you so the energy isn’t so heavy when dealing with that person.
  • The Seraphim Angel Healing Team will work on your light body and remove all bondage type devices and implants that are tied to that person inside your body so that you are freed up energetically from what binds you with them that may be a drain on your system.

By placing your friend’s picture on your Archangel Crystal Light Mini Unit with their conscious consent, you bring healing to them and you simultaneously, which helps bring healing light to all whom you both come into contact with.