Every day once a day is a great place to begin for one hour of time.  If you find you do well with this you may do two sessions per day at 45 minutes to 60 minutes each session.

This is a general rule of thumb.  It is also very important to drink more water throughout the day, even 8 – 10 glasses per day is a very good thing.  You may want to begin drinking 1 – 2 glasses of coconut water each day to hydrate all of your cells and help you process the energy current in a super easy way.

If you are doing well with the above length of time you can leave your mini unit running while you sleep over night and see how you do with this length of time for over night healing.  If you can sleep well this may work good for you.  If you are not sleeping deeply you may want to only use your lights during the day or just before bedtime instead of throughout the night.

If you have any traumatic or stressful events happen to you during your day you may use your mini unit more often as needed to receive extra healing sessions to calm the stress circuits in your brain and remove whatever past trauma may have been triggered inside your body.  The Serphim Angel Healing Team are advanced healing specialists that are most excellent with removing past trauma grids or darker stuff in us that needs to be removed so we may reach a full state of optimal health at our best.


By turning on your Archangel Crystal Light Mini Unit for less than 30 minutes up to an hour or two, you are healing the loss, sadness, grief and trauma naturally, relieving any undue pressure on yourself.