The Seraphim Angel Healing Team can work with higher precision through the Large and Small unit.  More healing current can also run through the large and small Archangel Crystal Lights than runs through the Archangel Crystal Light’s mini unit.

With the mini Archangel Crystal Lights the Seraphim Angel Healing Team says they can work on us just as strongly through the mini unit, yet sometimes more healing sessions may be needed to get the same results as how much they can do in one session with the large or small units.

As for the distances sessions Kimberly gives on Monday nights, the healing current running during that time is at a very high velocity that allows for twice the amount of healing to happen for group participants.

The Archangel Crystal Light Mini Unit is still a super powerful stand alone healing instrument incomparable to regular energy healing that’s on the market today or done from a distance through a different modality.  The reason being is that the Seraphim Angel Healing Team are advanced healing specialists with energy healing technologies far beyond this time space reality in which we reside.


By turning on your Archangel Crystal Light Mini Unit, you are healing the loss, grief, sadness, depression and trauma…releasing yourself from having to do it all yourself.