1. Place their picture in your picture holder and clip to your mini unit
  2. Write down inside your notebook or on a piece of paper what time they want to receive their one hour session in?  (One hour sessions are a good place to start when gifting a session to a friend or family member)
  3. Ask your friend or family member to write down in their notebook what exactly they would like assistance with for healing their bodies or life circumstances.
  4. Have your friend lay down at their location or yours, either will work and place a light cloth over their eyes.  (They may listen to meditation music if they’d like to, not required).
  5. Let them know to take it easy the rest of the day and drink more water or coconut water to re-hydrate their system again.

Please note: The Archangel Crystal Light Mini Units are not to be used for profit.  You may “gift” sessions to friends or loved ones as you are called to do so.

By placing your friend’s picture on your Archangel Crystal Light Mini Unit, you bring healing to them and you, releasing them from the burden of having to heal themselves.

Please apply here if you’d like to purchase the Archangel Crystal Light large or small unit to use with your clients.