Yes.  The Seraphim Angel Healing Team says that they will clear, recharge and fill with blessings any of your crystals, pendants and gemstones by placing them near your mini unit for 20 minutes of time with your unit on.  You may say a quick prayer to the Seraphim Angel Healing Team and Archangel Michael to please clear, recharge and bless them while your mini unit is running.

The healing light frequencies that will be placed inside your crystals, pendants and gemstones will bring high vibrational light frequencies to all who wear them or come close to them.  The bonus of doing this is that it also assists Mother Earth with her cleansing, purifying and bringing in Divine Light process.

By placing your crystals, gems or jewelry by your Archangel Crystal Light Mini Unit, you heal the pain even more as those items receiving the healing crystal light stream too.