Angel Guidance for Your Full Empowerment with Archangel Michael

Press play to listen in to a sample class with tips, inspiration and an Archangel Michael activation.  (In the actual course we go into much more detail with extensive tips and Archangel Michel messages given).


Download by right clicking here: Angel Guidance with Archangel Michael.mp3

Mastering Intuitive Living with the Archangels will benefit you if you…


  • Want a stronger connection with the Archangels and your personal Angels and guides
  • Would like to be able to hear messages from the Angels more clearly
  • Want to learn how to interpret the Angelic signs and messages you are already receiving
  • Would like to turn the volume down on your empathy so you stay more clear and connected
  • Want to receive multi-dimensional light body healing Monday nights for 8 weeks as you go through this online course (at your own pace)

Mastering Intuitive Living with the Archangels (8 week online course)

Go at your own pace.  

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“Hey Kimberly, I just want to thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH for the Mastering Intuitive Living Class it was so helpful, inspirational, down to earth and easy techniques to use!!  I LOVED, LOVED LOVED it!!  You and Jer are just so precious through the whole thing!!  I learned so much!!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul!!!  I will definitely refer back to from time to time!!!
Much love and hugs, Sandy”


Mastering Intuitive Living with the Archangels Class Outline


Click on the title below to enter the class once you receive your login upon signing up.  (hint: You’ll need to complete each unit before beginning the next.)

Module 1 Clearing the way so you can hear, feel & sense the Archangels bringing you messages
Unit 1 Intro & setting your intentions for this course
Unit 2 Archangel Michael Home Clearing and Blessing.mp3
Unit 3 Archangel name's cutout .pdf
Unit 4 Invoking an Archangel to Work with Me.pdf
Unit 5 Beginning to get from fuzzy thinking to crystal clear higher awareness the easiest way
Unit 6 Decluttering your overthinking brain. Overcoming analysis by paralysis
Unit 7 How to make the requests to the Archangels for assistance
Module 2 Learn exactly what interferes with you receiving clear messages
Unit 1 Clearing energetic cords with others
Unit 2 Cutting Chords with Archangel Michael.mp3
Unit 3 Healing self-doubt at the core
Unit 4 Learn why misinterpreting the messages happens in the first place
Unit 5 Undoing programs and beliefs that no longer serve you
Module 3 Creating the sanctuary space that’s needed for receiving crystal clear messages
Unit 1 Fun ways to clear your space
Unit 2 Discovering more healthy daily rituals that connect you up again
Unit 3 Turning your empathy on high and low volume
Module 4 Integrating fragmented parts of yourself into wholeness again so that you get the highest messages possible
Unit 1 How to have focused clarity the easy way
Unit 2 How multidimensional light body healing works
Unit 3 How to know if you should "push yourself" or "take it easy" each day
Module 5 How to tell the difference between your ego mind, ego needs and your authentic empowered voice when receiving messages
Unit 1 The difference between your ego vs. your true empowered self
Unit 2 Feeling safe in a world of chaos
Unit 3 How to know when to set boundaries with others so you feel more safe
Module 6 Decoding your personal signs and messages from the Angels
Unit 1 Fun ways you can notice more signs from the Angels
Unit 2 How to unveil your higher soul’s calling
Unit 3 How to live more of your life purpose on a daily basis and know you are on track
Module 7 Learning what the Universe’s timetable is for you
Unit 1 Are you in sync with all the good the Universe has lined up for you?
Unit 2 How to get out of a timetable rut
Unit 3 Learning YOUR ideal deadline for your goals
Module 8 Your daily intuitive living on tap anywhere, anytime you need it
Unit 1 Tuning in for messages even when daily distractions keep happening
Unit 2 Being open to receive what may work even better for you
Unit 3 Celebrating the good stuff with the Archangels

Master Intuitive Living with the Archangels (8 week online course) is included with your purchase of the Archangel Crystal Light Large or Small Unit.

Original sold for – $199

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